Engineering the Future

A docent leads a tour through the Davidson Center for Space Exploration


NASA Marshall Space Flight (MSFC) and military retirees comprise a robust docent program that supports the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Space Camp and various museum programs.

Emeritus docents share their passion and knowledge with camp trainees, staff and museum guests to cultivate ongoing vitality and interest in aviation and America’s human spaceflight program. The Center and its Space Camp programs also benefit from current-day scientists, engineers and military workforce who share their enthusiasm and front-line perspective of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Engineering the Future

NASA Emeritus Oral History

Hear recollections of space history from our Emeritus Docents at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, former engineers who worked on the space program.


Schedule is subject to change due to availability.

Today we took adult kids and grandkids through the space center. We also received an intense and knowledgeable tour from Mr Lowell Zoller. A brilliant gentleman and two hours later our family is still amazed with the value of information Mr Zoller shared with us! Thank You.

When I went to the Saturn V building I found that I was too late for the guided tour. I saw a gentleman in a lab coat and he told me the tours were over, but he could take me through the exhibit.

I am very lucky as the gentleman was Ron Paulus!! He was amazing!!! I believe that I learned more from him then I would have from a regular tour. Your DOCENT program is great. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a marvelous experience listening to Ron Paulus explain all that goes into sending a rocket to the moon! His knowledge was brilliant and his experience during those years of exploration was fascinating. It was heartwarming to meet one of the exceptional people God chose for that job and that era. Baton Rouge, LA

I am a dual degree student pursuing aerospace engineering and applied physics. We met [Dr. Hoover] on Tuesday at the Marshall Space Flight Center, and I am reaching out to you because wanted to thank [Dr. Hoover] for the experience ... [Dr. Hoover] explained the research that [he] had worked on, as well as, the projects that [he] worked on. [Dr. Hoover] also explained the components and significance of each exhibit. [He] also gave me advice, and encouraged me to continue to push through school regardless of how difficult it may prove to be. Thank you for this experience...

The Saturn Rocket Hall was one of my favorite experiences largely because of the staff interaction here. At one specific section I was looking at a cross section of the rocket and Brooks came up to me and asked me if I had questions and then began to tell me about the "ring" what it did, how it functioned, etc. It was quite informative and this is what I really loved: He actually worked on these things and was telling me some really cool stories from the 50's and 60's when all of this stuff was being created.

An awesome experience. Met Skeet Vaughan he told us a lot about the lunar rover program, as well as a lot of other stories. it was an honor to meet him.